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Welcome! This website serves as the home base to all the content I publish, which includes posts I write, videos I upload and more. The content generally surrounds trips my wife and I go on, trains and technology.

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Dynamic partitioning with Amazon Data Firehose using CloudFormation Dynamically partitioning events on Amazon Data Firehouse is possible using the `jq 1.6` engine or using a Lambda function for custom parsing. Using JQ expressions through the console to partition events when configuring a Firehouse stream is straight forward provided you know the JQ expression and the source event schema. I found it difficult translating this configuration into a CloudFormation te Read more.
Using sqlite-diffable as a Python module `sqlite-diffable` is a tool, built by Simon Willison, to load and dump SQLite databases to JSON files. It's intended to be used through the CLI, however since May I've been using this tool as a callable Python module to build my main site after making changes to the code1. This has allowed me to combine the build commands into one Python file. The changes aren't available in the upstream code2 so Read more.
Set environment variables I usually forget the syntax of defining enviornment variables on different platforms, so here's a note for future me to look up.1 ## Bash/Zsh export VARIABLE_NAME=ABC123 Using `export` will set the environment variable within the current session, you can override the value by using `export` again on the same variable name. To apply this environment variable to all sessions se Read more.
Generating an RSS for AniList activities After recently discovering Untappd's RSS feed, I set out to find if AniList had the same hidden feature so I could ingest activity logs to the homepage of After much searching I found that this wasn't the case, but AniList did have a an open GraphQL API! I was able to use this to get my user's activity and pass them along when generating my homepage. This wasn't enough. I have the urge Read more.

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e-Ink displays for bus details, don't mind if I do. Read more.
@simon At my previous employer we used the Gov.UK design guide for inline linking. It's not comprehensive but does provide good guidance. Read more.
@barcamplondon The definition of "if it works, it works." Read more.

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