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Welcome! This website serves as the home base to all the content I publish, which includes posts I write, videos I upload and more. The content generally surrounds trips my wife and I go on, trains and technology.

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Create rail timetable graphs in R Timetable or schedule graphs visualise railway traffic on a route during a set time. Typically when these graphs are shared online they look like they've been created using jTrainGraph although I find it very difficult to get started. I attempted to use both Google Sheets and LibreOffice Calc to some degree of success but only achieved what I wanted through by using R. This was made possible by a Read more.
CAF trains for the MerwedeLingelijn The MerwedeLingelijn stretches 49km from Dordrecht to Gorinchem across the Drechtsteden, Molenlanden, and Gorinchem (DMG) regions in Zuid Holland. The line is mostly single-track with passing opportunities at most stations. Like other public transport modes in the area, the trains on the MerwedeLingelijn are operated by Qbuzz. They began providing public transport in the DMG regions in 2018, takin Read more.
RSS: You should use it. As a long-time user of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to consume media, I thought I'd write a short post about it. The first specification was released on 15 March 1999, so it _did_ celebrate its 25th birthday yesterday after all. Subscribing to RSS feeds allows you to receive updates on new posts to a website, it's used by news aggregators to get you articles from different sources, and most fam Read more.
Access the AWS console through access and secret keys Granting a user permission to access resources across AWS accounts is a common task, typically the account with the resources contains an IAM role with the appropriate policy defining the actions the user can perform. In addition to this a trust policy is created that specifies which principal can assume that role in order to perform the allowed actions. Sometimes an external ID is added to the tr Read more.

Recent toots

@JackEric Got me thinking, are retailers "chaotic storing" strategy copying nature? It's quick to stow an acorn wherever you happen to be and when you need one the probability that you're close an acorn is higher if randomly stored all over the places you frequent... and that you've got me thinking, need to get another RJ45 crimping tool. Read more.
Slight changes to the schedule this weekend between Utrecht and Almere means we get some intercity rolling stock stopping at Station Naarden-Bussum. Read more.
@matthiasott If I were to pick a time when it lands in my reader, I'd say it doesn't matter. I do, however, leave it unread until Friday or the weekend when I have more time and can fully go through the content and links. Read more.
And now a write-up to make sure I don't forget how it's done and others can reproduce this in R :rstats: with the provided sample timetable. Read more.
@smveerman My mind is blown. Read more.
@smveerman Broken toilet too I would assume. No Eurobahn trip is complete with a seeing the defect sticker. Read more.
@hanktank61 Like you mentioned it is way bigger on the inside than it seems. Was there not too long ago looking for Manga. Read more.