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Suggesting related content in Hugo It has been 87 days since I enabled the ability to show related content at the bottom of each post on this blog, aptly titled "Related ramblings". This uses Hugo's built-in Related Content functionality. If you use a pre-made theme you may never directly work with this feature. I wanted to highlight how easy it was to use and how impressed and I am with the results. To enable my theme to use this Read more.
Farewell NS 1700 Between 1990 and 1994 eighty-one Class 1700 locomotives were built by Alstom. These were an iteration of the Class 1600 that came before, based on the French BB 7200. Over the years they were used in a push-pull configuration for DD-AR coaches, ICRm coaches, and others. By the 2010s most of the locomotives were no longer used and in 2019 the 1700 locomotives were only used to pull the IC Berlin Read more.
Leaves and trains don't mix: Maliebaan edition Well, it's time to revisit the topic of leaf fall. About a month has passed since my last post on the subject of adhesion and leaves on the track, and it is time for a quick update. As of 8th November, ProRail has deemed it unsafe to operate trains between Utrecht Centraal and Utrecht Maliebaan, the home of the railway museum. The culprit? Leaves on the track causing the train to go incognito. Read more.
Should you really build your own SSG? It was a rainy Saturday afternoon when I was at a cafe with my wife scrolling through Hacker News when I came across Arne's blog on why you should write your own static site generator (SSG). I had recently gone down that road myself, at least partially, so seeing someone's views on the same topic intrigued me. I've been meaning to gather my thoughts around the subject, and what better time than Read more.

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@donkersgoed @werner Congratulations! Read more.
Good morning from the quiet side of Amsterdam Zuid. Read more.
@neilmadden A very informative and scary read. "The problem is [IT staff] ... did not sufficiently consider the actual clinical workflow.. [The workflow is] seen as an annoyance, not as a patient safety effort." "In rare exceptions, when the workarounds become obvious to leaders ... there may be repercussions. These common forms of ignorance, or willful blindness, or incomprehension al Read more.
I would consider it uncalled for and inappropriate to yell at a colleague. My job allows me to interface with other companies and I've seen some yelling :blobfoxteaterrified: It's rare but still. Reading Jacob's (@jacob) blog reminded me of those times.. A quote: If emotional expression were a ten-point scale, with 1 being “a computer” and 10 being “soap opera”, at work you should never get Read more.
Happy sleepy #caturday Read more.
@partim A ~22% increase in Disney+ made me cancel my subscription but a 50% increase, that's a lot throw at once! Read more.
An ÖBB Vectron starting at a gradient, on a level crossing, in the mountains of Rijeka, Croatia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQIeYYArTCg For those interested in the exact location https://www.openrailwaymap.org/?style=standard&lat=45.31513697079003&lon=14.583005458116533&zoom=19 Read more.