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Welcome! This website serves as the home base to all the content I publish, which includes posts I write, videos I upload and more. The content generally surrounds trips my wife and I go on, trains and technology.

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Browse objects in the S3 console across accounts Cross account access to an S3 bucket is a well documented setup. Most guides will cover creating and applying a bucket policy to an S3 bucket and then creating a policy and role to access that bucket from another account. A user or service from that account can then assume that role, provided they're allowed to by the roles trust relationship to acccess the S3 bucket via the CLI or API. Most guid Read more.
Creating rail maps with Cytoscape.js Since I've begun blogging semi-regularly I've learned that having visuals helps especially when it comes to talking about different locations and their relation to each other. It can be difficult to judge the space and distance between two streets in a city or two cities in a country without some familiarity with the location. A problem I come across frequently when reading transit-related article Read more.
Create rail timetable graphs in R Timetable or schedule graphs visualise railway traffic on a route during a set time. Typically when these graphs are shared online they look like they've been created using jTrainGraph although I find it very difficult to get started. I attempted to use both Google Sheets and LibreOffice Calc to some degree of success but only achieved what I wanted through by using R. This was made possible by a Read more.
CAF trains for the MerwedeLingelijn The MerwedeLingelijn stretches 49km from Dordrecht to Gorinchem across the Drechtsteden, Molenlanden, and Gorinchem (DMG) regions in Zuid Holland. The line is mostly single-track with passing opportunities at most stations. Like other public transport modes in the area, the trains on the MerwedeLingelijn are operated by Qbuzz. They began providing public transport in the DMG regions in 2018, takin Read more.

Recent toots

Not bad, not bad at all. Good alternative if you don't have access to the Untappd API and all you need are details on your check-ins. Read more.
Thanks to the Indieweb entry on Untappd, I've discovered that each account has an RSS feed. Time to include check-ins automatically to my site. Read more.
@andreaswiedenhoff Really want to ride this line from San Diego to Fullerton one day. It looks very scenic. Read more.
I see Google is starting to pick-up on the LinkedIn "AI Collaborative Articles". FYI, the article was clearly created by an AI and inaccurate. Read more.
haha, seems the NS can't put the 4011 to rest just yet. It's scheduled between Den Haag and Groningen tomorrow. It'll be coupled with 4250 all day tomorrow and 4093 but only for the first run in the morning. Read more.
Goodbye to the oldest Koploper, number 4011. Read more.
I can assume with fewer sprinters running through Weesp because of the maintenance around Amsterdam and Zwolle, the Intercity returns back to Weesp for a few days. :blobfoxdealwithitfingerguns: Read more.

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