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Welcome! This website serves as the home base to all the content I publish, which includes posts I write, videos I upload and more. The content generally surrounds trips my wife and I go on, trains and technology.

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Accessing GitHub Action variables Within a repository's settings tab under Security you can set an Actions secrets and variables. A secret is encrypted and created for use with sensitive data whereas a variable is displayed as plain text. I intended to use a repository variable as an environment variable for a Python script within one of my workflows and the GitHub documentation was not very useful in describing how to accomplish Read more.
Cross-border commuting and the Tri-Country Train Traveling by train across countries has been getting a lot easier, especially within central Europe where everything is a bit closer together.1 We've got the Thalys (now Eurostar) doing 12 trips a day from Amsterdam to Paris through Brussels, and the actual Eurostar doing 4 trips a day from Amsterdam to London, via Brussels and Lille. There are also other relatively good frequency and direct servi Read more.
Creating dynamic text on icons in Leaflet using SVG Leaflet is a popular and feature-rich JavaScript library for displaying maps. One of these features includes creating and placing markers on a map with an icon, that could represent a dropped pin or something custom. I need to create icons for markers that also contain a number that could be different for each marker and adding text to Leaflet icons can be done in a few ways. 1. Using `L.DivIco Read more.
Browse objects in the S3 console across accounts Cross account access to an S3 bucket is a well documented setup. Most guides will cover creating and applying a bucket policy to an S3 bucket and then creating a policy and role to access that bucket from another account. A user or service from that account can then assume that role, provided they're allowed to by the roles trust relationship to acccess the S3 bucket via the CLI or API. Most guid Read more.

Recent toots

@barcamplondon The definition of "if it works, it works." Read more.
The final ICE 3M departed from Amsterdam Centraal at 06:38. All scheduled ICE rolling stock to and from the Netherlands will now be the new NEO. Read more.
@partim At Weesp? I've only managed to catch that open once in the last 6 months or so. Would be neat to figure out if they have a busier time of day or week. Read more.
"[North Yorkshire Council] has announced it will ban apostrophes on street signs to avoid problems with computer systems." It almost reads like satire, you'd think software should make things easier. Read more.
I now use the custom text marker method on the /rail page of my website to list all the videos I'm uploaded by location. Read more.
Figured out how to add text within markers on Leaflet by embedding them within the SVG, so I documented it. Nothing complicated but now I can refer to it later. Read more.
A while... this will take a while. Read more.

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